Tano Festa General Catalogue

by Alain Chivilò


The artists of Rome, Piazza del Popolo – Tano Festa, Franco Angeli, Mario Schifano – in addition to a life of excess, have had troubles in managing the archive and the authenticity of the works. Continuous and constant friction characterized the documentation that the paintings had attached: by the artist himself, by the Gallery or Gallerist of reference, the Foundation, the Association, the new Archive managed by the Family, the Committee in turn elected and so on.

A bit of everything happened, but as usual rumors and hearsay always need to be verified, because every situation can be discussed and brought into perpetual controversy depending on the interests involved. No one has proven to be impeccable and it is precisely from the shaky pulpit of some that troubles arise for nothing.

In 2023, the General Catalog of the Works of Tano Festa by the Tano Festa Archive was born in 2001 and managed by the two heir daughters, adding to the recent General Catalog of the Mario Schifano Archive, chaired by Monica Schifano, born in 2003 by will of the legitimate heirs with the aim of enhancing, protecting and authenticating the artist’s work.

Reference to Tano Festa, as per the official statement: “Anita Festa is the daughter and only legitimate heir of Tano Festa with her sister and, as owner of all the copyrights due to the Maestro, in June 2001 she established the archive called: Tano Festa – Archive of Works, with the main aim of protecting the moral and intellectual image and the entire artistic production of her father with the aim of publishing the General Catalog of his Works, in order to provide a certain tool for study and consultation for all interested parties”.

As stated by Anita Festa: “For decades, more than ever in recent years, I, the eldest daughter of Tano Festa, have ardently desired, just as my father desired in life, that there finally exists a noteworthy catalog that represents him as it deserves and which truly illustrates his work in the most complete and, above all, most truthful way possible. A scientifically reliable catalogue, which reports order and truth in relation to the years of execution, the techniques actually used, the titles actually assigned by the artist to his works, who often did not title them at all”.

From Tuesday 20 June 2023, the General Catalog of the Tano Festa Opera is available.

The general catalog covers the entire career of Tano Festa and offers 1,736 works, created from 1957 until 1987. A fundamental cultural operation curated by Anita Festa for a protagonist of the history of Italian art of the second half of the twentieth century, a parent but also a leading exponent of Roman Pop Art.

All the works are organized in chronological order, in a reasoned sequence, with previously unpublished captions, which technical data are reported, but above all where the pictorial techniques have been drawn up in a new, more accurate, precise form, adhering to the materials actually used. In the immediate future, the translation in English, the publication of a selected critical anthology and bibliographic apparatus on the works are already planned.

Further information on the following web sites:

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©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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