Passing Through

by Alain Chivilò


Going through. Going beyond non-physical but, present walls based on the circumstances, situations and preferences of the moment and period. An art of action, a performative art that implies social connotations and changes. This is not a game, nor is it about making fun of the spectators. An art that overcomes human barriers to go beyond imposed or artificial customs.

‘Passing Through’ by Murakami Saburo (from 1956) is this. Yesterday as today same concepts and same conceptuality. Breaking, in the true sense of the term, for a beyond without borders and barriers.

In 1955, first perfomance, the founder of Gutai Group Jiro Yoshihara stated how “there was the terrific noise of the paper which Murakami had stretched, like a thick drum tearing. It was such a unique chance to experience the feeling of my body standing in a different space when the paper was torn”. Following, 1956, Saburo hurled himself repeatedly through numerous vertically erected paper screens and he became the only one to go beyond physically and energetically in art.

Here below the video live of Passing Through, yesterday as today:



©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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