Interviews as usual

by Alain Chivilò


To the artists who have accepted an interview, in the studio or via skype, with Alain Chivilò, art critic-curator and journalist in recent years, I send a warm thank you.

In the video, a summary of these appointments through a question. The Masters, in sequence, were: Cesare Berlingeri, Fabrizio Plessi, Armando Marrocco, Alfredo Rapetti Mogol, Gianfranco Zappettini, Alessandro Dobici, Mark Kostabi, Donald Martiny, Andy, Andrea Fumagalli, Cinzia Pellin, Roberto Miniati, Silvio Formichetti, KayOne, Marco Mantovani, Maurizio Monti, Mirko Pagliacci, Antonio Pedretti, Gianni Piva, Alessandro Gabbia, Lorenzo Perrone, Sergio Comacchio.

Street and Urban Art, Informal, Abstract, Figuration, Portrait, Installations, Technological Art, Painting, Sculpture, Video, Fluo, Pop, Conceptual, Material for visual art. Among other things, just to be a source of ideas, some of these artists were subsequently also involved in some national networks (TV and radio).

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