Hermann Nitsch

by Alain Chivilò


The Mart in Rovereto hosted Hermann Nitsch’s 64th Malaktion (Painting-Action). A multisensory event made of acrylic colours, matter and action painting. Aided by assistants, the Austrian Maestro created very strong works in accordance with his Das Orgien Mysterien Theater.

From color theory he wrote: “My actions are setting out towards colour, towards the profound secret of colour. The colors are torn from the heart and entrails of slaughtered animals. The flesh becomes the fleshy pulp of flowers. the color is produced by the fury and light of nuclear fissions. A monstrous force and the fury of creation makes everything shine, brings colors towards their birth, things towards their manifestation, towards their breathing chromatic vitality. Alongside the colors, things are born fragrant essences of flowers, the sweetness of pollen. Only when everyone – the galaxies, the solar systems, the innumerable suns and worlds – have awakened to the luminous and chromatic intoxication, then the supreme form of the living shows itself, the luminous figure of the savior in the white robes, who awoke once again to the light, sun-beaming face of the laughing, resurrected savior (Isenheim altar). His face is surrounded by the light of all the suns of our cosmos, in the background the starry sky”.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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