Hermann Nitsch anniversary of death

by Alain Chivilò


Hermann Nitsch has been an all-round artist who considers art totally and full of energy. Painter, author of music and theatrical works, he found his international dimension in the performance.

Nitsch was the greatest exponent of Viennese Actionism, a movement that uses psychological, self-harming and sado-masochistic themes and images with a desecrating, never provocative approach towards symbols taken from the body, sexuality and religion.

On the one hand discussed, debated and contested for having proposed an Art in advance of its times, on the other understood, loved and appreciated by those who perceive a total emotional approach.

His poetics, as Nitsch explained in the interview, starts from the experience of reality through the senses and immediacy where no explanation is needed, making the word superfluous. Starting from respect for animals and all forms of religion, the artist becomes a prophet who leads art along perception. Tension, energy and a music of a graphic nature, outside the usual compositional canons, in which reality is inserted within a dramatic structure.

Hermann Nitsch from Prinzendorf Castle loved Italy and does not hide it, because in our country he has found a way to be appreciated and understood.

Hermann Nitsch: Wien, 29 August 1938 – Mistelbach 18 April 2022

More info in the video: Hermann Nitsch | Vienna Viennese Actionism 



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