Feofeo i am

by Alain Chivilò


The artist Feofeo, Federica Oddone, has moved from the Io sono Colore cycle to complex investigations of symbols and ancient aphorisms to investigate concepts, shapes, colors, conceptuality and space through painting.

In four questions, released to the art critic and curator dr Alain Chivilò, some ideas for the reader to draw concerning her being art and female personality.

Please Note:  © Alain Chivilò – Art Musa

It was 2019, before the three-year period determined by the pandemic, in which we presented the new cycle Et in Arcadia Ego for the first time in a solo exhibition. A transition from the previous abstract expressionism to a representation made up of symbols and aphorisms that have always had multiple interpretations over the centuries.

Thanks Alain, the new cycle comes to life from a more deliberately esoteric discourse, since if before I hid the symbols under the guise of colour, in the new one I have made them more manifest. We must not forget that color, as Jung said, is always an archetype and takes the same steps as the symbols in our unconscious, only that in the first case the reading is more instinctive, in the second it must be translated and reasoned.

In 2023 you are concluding a further cycle dedicated to Jewish culture, philosophy and religion.

This cycle opens a paragraph of my journey that will be as lasting as my life because I will never be able to close the search for symbols and signs, it is like having uncovered Pandora’s box, the more I continue the more I realize that everything is a becoming . Furthermore, since Jewish culture is part of my DNA, I believe it will permeate my work forever, so when you look at a near future work, look for the smallest jodh letter, perhaps hidden, perhaps it will always be there 🙂

For Feofeo, Federica Oddone, how much is the research to express oneself later in Art worth and how much does the personal process represent?

For Feofeo, art is the visual expression of research. It may seem at first glance to the observer a gestural and instinctive painting, but really everything is the result of an inner search, which is the same one we ask ourselves when we ask ourselves the reason for existence.

Books and works of the past. A book or at least two books that strongly inspired your creations?

The books that have helped to carry on my research over time are The Spiritual in Art and Punto Linea Surface by Vessel Kandinsky, the Symbols of Sacred Science by Rene’ Guenon, and finally the books on Jewish Gematria by Arie Ben Nun.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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