Cultural Events a tribute

by Alain Chivilò


Years and decades go by. Events are planned and organized but then we move forward. Sometimes it is right to check what has been conceived and proposed so far. Over time, new cultural proposals replace the previous ones, but time always flows inexorably.

Each exhibition or presentation has always been treated with professionalism and passion. For every artist the stage was important.

Today trends are changing because society itself is changing. The three years of the pandemic, like a war event, have negatively shattered what could be positive. As the great Masters of the last century, at the time young, said: what is already there but is getting old will always overshadow what is new or what is mature.

Alain Chivilò’s Art Musa will always be there and will always exist, with the same spirit, but one will inevitably have to adapt to the new way of living and behaving of contemporary actresses and actors, because “you will learn at your own expense that in the long journey of life you will meet many masks and few faces”. Nothing pessimistic, but very concrete because AM of AC is created, unraveled and lived precisely in its essentiality.



©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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