Cinzia Bulone review


– The solo exhibition in Agrigento, at the Griffo Museum, after those in Treviso and Mantua, is my third exhibition curated by you. I know the scrupulosity and professionalism with which you face every event, from the critical text to the elegant preparation and, knowing you better now, I deduce that the key words to better plan an artistic event with you are: talk little and work. The result will certainly be impressive. Awesome and strong professionalism!

– Meeting a free, scrupulous, passionate, rigorous, precise art critic and curator like Alain Chivilò has been a real fortune for me as an artist.
Attentive observer of the art world, free from any form of prejudice that makes him a passionate and attentive hunter of the evolution of contemporary art, in a historical period characterized by the confusion generated by advertising and commercial interests, unfortunately, not negligible.
I was able to appreciate his planning, imbued with solidity and rigor in judgment, freedom from social currents, free expressiveness which, at times, is converted into the objectivity of judgment, in useful tips for the artist.
Art, today more than ever, thirsts for critics who, like Alain Chivilò, know how to orient themselves with professionalism in the current labyrinthine world full of misleading advertisements and commercial interests that mortify pictorial research.
A phone meeting or call with Alain about the details of an exhibition, with a pleasant background music and perhaps a tennis match, becomes even relaxing. Great professional and, knowing him, a true “Venetian Lord”.


by Cinzia Bulone, 2021, 2023


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