Cinzia Bulone researcher

by Alain Chivilò


Submerged fascination for emotions and portraits of life. From rationality to passion, for continental trajectories full of connections and reciprocity. The art critic and curator dr Alain Chivilò brings the painter Cinzia Bulone back to the Sicilian Region right in her hometown of Agrigento, through dreamlike moments received by her artistic production. After a five-year synergistic journey, characterized by three fundamental solo exhibition events, Alain proposes for the first time four questions to Cinzia for personal life moments. Some ideas for the reader to draw regarding her being an art and female personality.

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Within her artistic production there are multiple meanings that she hides and unhides.

My current artistic expression is characterized by my precise desire to keep the concreteness and individual expression of life hidden, however bringing to the surface the repercussions that concreteness has on the life of the human being itself, repercussions that sometimes accelerate, other times hinder the incessant search for a profound and secret good that dwells in every individual: hiding the cause by highlighting its effect.

What kind of inspiration for your works do you draw from everyday life?

The everyday determines and dictates, in my pictorial research, the starting point or even the choice of the path that leads to the inner universe, where it resounds like a distant and revealing echo. It is an essential impulse in expressing the breath of the collective soul. Even if we move as divided individuals, in our uniqueness, it is also true that we flow through history as a people of an era.

Books and works of the past. A book or at least two books that strongly inspired your creations?

Painting, I force myself to forget all my knowledge, both visual and cognitive. I try to find a personal language. Reading a book suggested me the method to get this. About books: one written in the 14th century by an anonymous English writer. Its title is “The Cloud of Unknowing”. Mystical writing that suggests the path of emptying any form of knowledge to arrive at the perception of God. And I, although not a mystic, appreciated the teaching that also leads to the arduous knowledge of the self, of that human self stripped of all the multiple superstructures in which it often remains entangled. Another favorite book is “The Magic Mountain” by Thomas Mann. Hans Castorp’s real journey for me is in the sanatorium. A journey of apparent immobility but which radically transforms his existence.

A work of art or at least two that most attract you from the past historical panorama?

Every talented artistic expression attracts the soul that approaches it, it unquestionably expresses the man of his time. However, I am particularly attracted to the works by Vincent van Gogh, Marc Chagall and Lucian Freud for the emotional power that transpires from them.


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