Celebrities and famous 2023

by Alain Chivilò


It is inevitable but unfortunately every year a percentage of women and men leave their private and public lives forever. With the Pandemic, since February 2020, many people have died, including in the artistic field. From that moment, I developed the idea of no longer chasing the deaths of artists to give news, but also to remember with photos and contacts that occurred in the past if occurred. A personal choice, no ifs or buts, which I hope you appreciate.

Among the numerous Italian artists, during 2023, for example: Gianfranco Baruchello, Piero Gilardi, Fernando Botero, Carlo Guarenti and Giovanni Anselmo.

Gianfranco Baruchello (Livorno, 24/8/1924 – Rome, 14/1/2023). Starting from his statement such as “Fragmenting things and contrasting them means understanding their meaning”, he indicates the path to understanding a cryptic art, full of symbols and words, within references and mappings of concrete, paradoxical and dreamlike situations. It is not a question of creating parallel fields, as per imposed media assessments but, of carrying forward one’s own concept and expression in a free and independent way. Not always among the desires of collectors or the market, he entered, exited and returned always maintaining himself.

Piero Gilardi (Turin, 3/8/1942 – 5/3/2023). An all-round artist and experimenter, he is known for his cycle called “Nature Carpets” in expanded polyurethane. The first creations began in 1965 and continued over time. It also enters into research of movements such as Land Art, Arte Povera and Antiform Art. “A Nature in loss” as defined by the architect, designer Ettore Sottsass (Jr) for an apparently real nature but created through versatile polymers, therefore artificial, tactile but which almost forces one to protect it in a case due to its delicacy. A Nature extrapolated for something already experienced, placed on the ground, already ripening or harvested. Scenarios reproduced from life, cut out and packaged for various types of settings.

Fernando Botero Angulo (Medellín, 19/4/1932 – Monaco, 15/9/2023). The most iconic artist for a style that has made him unmistakable since the Sixties. Female and male figures, enlarged, inflated and rounded forms bordering on caricature and irony which the artist has never sought. A painting, but also sculpture from the Seventies, in harmony with the iconography conceived. His references were various, including Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, David Alvaro Siqueiros, Antonio Bueno.

Carlo Guarienti (Treviso 1923 – Roma 5/12/2023). An artist with an attractive Metaphysics, he subsequently moves on to a study on the expressive deformation within the human figure, to arrive at surreal or unreal forms combining colour, light and symbolism for unique and dreamlike atmospheres.

Giovanni Anselmo (Borgofranco d’Ivrea, 5/8/1934 – Turin, 18/12/2023). All his research falls within the Arte Povera artistic movement. The strength and energy of objects and matter along unions and connections in the hosting space. Relationships such as infinite-finite, visible-invisible, opposites-contraries. Elements determined by suspensions and equilibria connected with other ones. An expression of concept to explore interactions with apparently non-artistic objects.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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