Donald Martiny Divine Material


The American painter and sculptor Donald Martiny, always sensitive to history, was favorably charmed by the unique atmosphere of a place like Casa del Mantegna. For the first time in an Italian museum, Martiny exhibits his material-informal works creating a dialogue between past and future. “Divine Material” is the title thought by the art critic and curator dr Alain Chivilò, organizer of the event, for a solo exhibition conceived to bring the contemporary action and materiality into synergy with an environment full of historical passions.

Donald Martiny “Divine Material”. Casa del Mantegna, Mantova. 20/7 – 25/8/2019.

The Italian Renaissance was a historical period, between Municipalities and Republics, of maximum cultural expression along multiple disciplines. The level of knowledge achieved was unparalleled. Casa del Mantegna, built from 1476 and house of the homonym artist, represents an architectural example of the canons of this era. The circular open courtyard, where everything revolves around the words Ab Olimpo for a centrality of man. Same approach was for Fidia who turned to the Gods with this exclamation in order that it was recognized his greatness and consequently the importance of the human about their creative ability.

Donald Martiny Divine Material by Alain Chivilò